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Scottish woman, issue 72: 2019

‘‘CACl's pioneering Synergy facial still offers maximum rejuvenation with minimal effort.

It’s the magic pick-me-up for the skin, It's the magic pick-me-up for the skin, renowned amongst the A-List as a winning treatment for impressive results, without having to go near the surgeon’s knife.

CACI's Synergy Non-Surgical Facial Toning, created around breakthrough S.P.E.D Microcurrent LED technology, targets fine lines and wrinkles and areas of the face and neck where the skin has become less supple. The dual action of simultaneous LED and micro current energy goes deeper into the muscles, providing longer-lasting results rather than being superficial. The professionals describe it as a "gym workout for the face" that stimulates tissues regeneration and promotes the production of collagen, an essential for maintaining skin elasticity.

With each Facial Toning treatment, you can expect to see some signs of rejuvenation, whether it's wrinkles seeming slightly less pronounced or a smoother-looking complexion. Light therapy is used throughout every stage of the facial, with an ultrasonic peeling that works to deeply unclog pores along with orbital micro dermabrasion to thoroughly exfoliate. The micro dermabrasion element is particularly effective when it comes to blemishes or pigmentation, as it works to lift and clear the skin, bringing it back to life. The LED light, meanwhile, will tone the face and neck, with a 'wrinkle comb' - essentially a deeper microcurrent - helping to plump the skin.

So why invest in this treatment over the multitude that are already out there? Undoubtedly, the fact you don’t have any kind of surgery to achieve brilliant results is an immediate plus. Despite microdermabrasion and light treatment being involved in the facial, it's non-invasive and there's no visible redness on the skin afterwards. It's also not too lengthy a treatment being an hour and a half, so it's reasonably easy to schedule your time around.

It's results-demonstrating as well as relaxing - so you can switch off for an hour and a half, chilled out in the knowledge that some powerful work is taking place to better your skin. It's also pain -free. Your muscles are being lifted and pinched and might twitch a bit when the CACI Synergy machine's settings are higher, but it doesn't feel nippy or like they're being shocked.

Most people see optimum results from around 10 treatments, which gives you time to work up to the highest and most effective microcurrent setting. It's recommended you go twice a week to get the best from the facial - which may sound like a lot, but actually, it’s a small time cost to pay for the difference you’ll see in your skin over just a five-week period’’.

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